Let’s Talk Mentorship Conference

The Second Annual Black Mentorship Inc (BMI) Mentoring Conference – “Let’s Talk Mentorship” will provide an excellent forum for conversations in the areas of Mentorship, Career Advancement and Leadership. The conference focuses on Mentoring as a tool for Success while building on the Propel Black Success movement and how mentorship can lead to career advancement. 

We have assembled executives and professionals who know the power of mentoring, including practitioners, researchers, C- suite executives, government and parents, for an opportunity to advance the mentoring agenda, strengthen programs and services to support positive career advancement through mentoring.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Mentorship for Success”. Our Knowledgeable speakers will discuss ways mentorship can advance, exceed, and propel your career to the next level. In this conference, you will hear from executives who have lived experiences – Learn about the critical power of mentorship relationships and how mentors and mentees can serve as each other’s resource, inspiration, and resilience in the movement of propelling Black success stories, so we can continue to create diverse leaders, ensuring we have ROLE MODELS for all people. 

Day 1 - July 22, 2021 - Value of Mentorship

Everybody wants to be successful in their personal and professional lives. You must go all the way, in the right way, to make your personal and professional advancement be what you aspire it to be. This workshop is a critical look at the intersection of mentoring, personal and professional life.

Day 2 –August 5, 2021 - Resilience and Empathy

Of all the movements in 2020, the rise in the power of Resilience and Empathy has stood out. As the fight for racial equality and fairness, resilience, empathy, cultural communication, and cultural intelligence are some of the qualities that have become more important for leaders and professionals alike to adopt. The question to ask is - How do leaders learn to make the necessary shift? Join us to hear from experts and executives about how being resilient and showing empathy now, more than ever before, should be the foundation for leaders and professionals.

Day 3 August 19 – Acquiring New Skills

We tend to think about gaining new skills as “Nice to Have” and a tall endeavor often too challenging to attain. Spending time improving your skills can help you achieve personal and professional career goals, such as earning a promotion or becoming an expert in a specific area. In this workshop, discover the most desirable skill sets and see how you can progress in your career.

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