Who We Are

Black Mentorship Inc. (BMI) strengthens leadership opportunities for ALL people by connecting Black youths, professionals and entrepreneurs at different stages of personal and professional growth with experienced mentors through a unique mentoring program.

Why BMI?

Whether you’re a youth, a professional, an entrepreneur, or a newcomer to Canada our mentorship program has you covered. We offer you the opportunity to work with mentors who are versed in their professions and wish to contribute to making the leadership community a more inclusive and diversified terrain.

Numbers Matter

We strive to build Black leadership community and help more professionals achieve their goal.


We work to strengthen the leadership community and create great leaders for the future which will have amplifying effect for the Black community.

Diversity & Inclusivity

We are committed in ensuring our impact extends beyond the participants in our programs. We are creating momentum and igniting conversation that promotes change in leadership and in doing so, reshapes the leadership landscape.

Role Models

The participants in our programs will create positive footprints and serve as role models for the younger generation.

Become a sponsor – and help create role models for ALL people.


Evangeline Chima


Evangeline Chima is the founder of Black Mentorship Inc. BMI – an organization dedicated to fostering the professional growth and personal expansion of Black professionals.

BMI was born out of her personal experiences as a Black professional woman in Canada. Despite holding a master’s degree in Information Technology Services, diplomas in Computer Network, Project Management, and Business Analysis, as well as numerous professional certifications, she felt unheard in business.

She experienced bias, was overlooked for promotions, leading to the frustration of being unable to achieve her true potential – regardless of her work commitment or qualifications.

Importantly, she realized that she was not alone and that she was surrounded by powerful, dynamic, talented Black professionals and entrepreneurs – also facing the same career challenges.

She took action and created BMI to inspire, support, and mentor Black professionals to fulfill their potential, to build community, and to promote change.

As part of her work, Evangeline helps organizations to create exceptional atmospheres where everyone thrives.

She is also a devoted wife and mother of four boys.

What We Do


We connect Mentees with Mentors using user profiles.

Youth Empowerment

We amplify Black leadership, ambition, collective knowledge through our mentorship programs by pairing participants with mentors that represent them even when they are not in the room.

Cultural Training

We provide competency training to achieve cultural competence and the ability for participants and employers to appreciate and interpret accurately other cultures. We coach new commers with tools and strategies for transitioning into their new country.


We are actively seeking to engage organizations from across Canada and beyond to work with us and promote the leadership movement. By partnering together, we build leadership landscape that represents all people and gives equal opportunity for all people to fulfill their potential.
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