Building Inclusive Communities Program

BMI Building Inclusive Communities Program

A Customized Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training program that embodies inclusive leadership model.

BMI delivers creative, impactful, and effective learning modules and workshops to foster a sense of belonging in a safe learning environment. Our methodology and our approach are built on the platform of communication, collaboration, and engagement, enabling us to provide added insight and effective solutions.

Why should I consider this program?

Having an inclusive community is important because everyone, regardless of their abilities, should be able to participate safely without fear of being judged in community activities. The BMI Inclusive Community Building program teaches the principles of community inclusion, equity, and togetherness as critical aspects of community development.

What can you expect from this program

  • Learn how to build and be part of a truly inclusive community.
  • Actively disrupt racism within the workforce and community spaces.
  • Learn to be the change you want to see by balancing talk with action.
  • Create more equitable outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and People of color in your organization.

Why BMI?

  • BMI curates an environment for organizations to connect directly to thought-leaders who drive change, promote culture and empower communities.
  • We provide organizations with the opportunity and the environment to learn how to work with diverse professionals, improve work-life quality, retain employees and integrate their wellbeing into the organization’s bottom line. 
  • The infectious positive energy of the BMI team evokes good doing and has ripple effects that transcend beyond the program.
  • Now is the best time to invest in positivity and engage in creating diverse leaders and celebrating our multiculturalism. 

Why Wait?

We are helping create a generation of diverse success stories, by bridging cultural and communication barriers. All Inclusive training sessions are customizable and will be delivered to recognize the needs of the individual, team and or organization. Our Inclusive programs include design, development of training material and delivery.

Building Inclusive Communities Program who recognize the need to build anti-racism capacity and are ready to:

  • Combating Systemic Barriers while imbedding inclusion concepts.
  • Building inclusive workplace where everyone irrespective of race can thrive.
  • Providing a safe space that fosters a sense of belonging for all people.
  • Fight unconscious bias that stems from negative media narratives.
  • Promote equity and awareness of anti-racism in our communities.

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