Financial Empowerment

Financial Empowerment

Learn critical yet straightforward financial concepts and laws that will help you reach your financial goals...

Why the Financial Empowerment Program?

The economy continues to face unprecedented impacts, leading to rapid economic downturns. These economic impacts affected minority communities at much higher rates and highlighted the importance of financial literacy.

Financial literacy is not something that those in the black community have a lot of access to. This lack of access to financial resources is why many people find themselves struggling with investing or saving money. 

This is why Black mentorship inc (BMI) introduces our first financial empowerment training module. Many people have misconceptions about money and investing, such as you need to be wealthy to invest or it requires a lot of your time, which is not true.

During the BMI  financial empowerment training module, we wish to change this line of thinking and help you realize that Financial empowerment is about more than obtaining wealth; it's about freedom.

What can you expect from this program:

This course will teach you the key financial concepts and laws important in building and maintaining a sound financial game plan. The Black mentorship Inc Financial Empowerment course will be facilitated by Kadeem Mclean and include six interactive sessions where you will learn the basics of a stock, a portfolio and laws such as compound interest. Everything will be explained in simple terms so that everyone can understand regardless of their level of expertise and cover topics such as:

  • Investments
  • Emergency Funds
  • Debt Management
  • Protection

After this course, you will understand critical yet straightforward financial concepts and laws that will help you reach your financial goals, stay out of debt, and accumulate assets that can help you obtain financial freedom.

Meet our facilitator :

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