Career Readiness Series Tools to Propel

Career Readiness Series -Tools to Propel

The program is designed to build confidence and self-awareness skills while creating cultural awareness and acceptance. These curated unique quarterly sessions offer professionals a safe space to get tips and the know-how to have a balanced holistic career & personal growth experience while staying true to who they are.

Why Career Readiness Program?

Black youths experience difficulty with career exploration and support during their college years. Being a minority makes searching for a career path more difficult.


The Career readiness programs provides Black youth with tools and tips to eliminate these barriers at an early stage while offering a safe space for them to learn and receive support they need. The aim of this program is to ensure professionals can thrive once they’ve graduated collage and feel inspired and motivated to enter the workforce.

If you are an entry level professional this program is for you...

This program provides participants with meaningful learning experiences that broadens their knowledge and builds confidence to embrace their cultural heritage, promoting a sense of belonging and well-being including:

  • Career readiness
  • Tools to propel
  • Culture sensitivity and awareness tips
  • Self-awareness
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Confidence boosting

So are you ready to...

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