Career Readiness Series Tools to Propel

Career Readiness Series -Tools to Propel

A Program designed to equip black professionals with tools to effectively engage in the current job market

Why Career Readiness Program?

Are you wondering why the recruiting team did not get back to you?

Do you want to have your resume reviewed by professionals so you can land that dream job?

Do you want to learn tips to search for jobs effectively?

Do you want to know how to create solid and appealing resumes?

The program is designed to build confidence and self-awareness skills while creating cultural awareness and acceptance. These curated unique quarterly sessions offer professionals a safe space to get tips and the know-how to have a balanced holistic career & personal growth experience while staying true to who they are. This FREE hybrid event is designed to equip Black Professionals in Halton to thrive, belong, be inspired and motivated to enter the workforce.

What can you expect from this program

This program provides participants with meaningful learning experiences that broadens their knowledge and builds confidence so they may can more effectively tackle the current job market.

This program equips participates by providing tips on:

  • Resume Building
  • Job Search
  • Interview Performance

Join us on Tuesday, 29 November 2022, by noon to participate in the Career Readiness Program. Let us guide you on how to search and apply for your dream job for FREE. 

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So are you ready to...

Claim your spot at the decision table?

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