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Sometimes the only way to advance is to learn directly from someone who knows

Our Belief

At Black Mentorship Inc., we believe in having a safe space where Black people, whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or at entry-level or mid-career, can benefit from a safe space to learn and receive support without fear of being judged. In creating safe spaces where professionals learn, we offer Black professionals the tools to reach for the sky.

Our programs are organized in a strategic success-oriented approach where mentors are paired with mentees based on user profiles. We use a distinct mentorship approach where the mentor also serves as a coach. Our mentors deliver effective tailored mentorship service to participants

We Value...

Integrity + Commitment + Empowerment.

We are dedicated to the empowerment of Black people in Canada. We exist to elevate our participants personal and professional advancement and thus build a better, more equitable workforce. An equitable workforce contributes to the quality of life of the Black community and Canada as a whole.

How we Support Black Professionals

Our Programs

BMI Propel Mentorship

Designed specifically for entry-level and mid-career professionals, the BMI Propel Mentorship is a mentorship program intended to assist Black people in their entry and mid-career professional level to reach their desired career goals. Professionals will have the opportunity to work with mentors to set career-specific goals, establish self-advocacy techniques, and gain the skills and resources needed to successfully attain professional and personal advancement.

Creating the Next Generation of Diverse Leaders Building a Culture of Diverse Leadership

Creating the Next Generation of Diverse Leaders Project: Black Mentorship Inc. (BMI) is helping organizations transform their leadership team from one-dimensional looking leadership teams to more diverse leadership terrain that embodies the people in the workplace. With several organizations looking for diversity and inclusion choices that better reflect the people they serve, BMI is helping organizations build an authentic Culture of a Diverse Leadership Team.

This project is designed to create inclusive, equitable cultures in the workplace. BMI helps organizations support their diverse teams by assisting them to help their employees to grow their skill sets. We give them a better idea of how they can support their employees in developing their own careers paths and work with them to create an internal mentorship program that supports their unique needs.

Career Readiness Series Tools to Propel

The program is designed to build confidence and self-awareness skills while creating cultural awareness and acceptance. These curated unique quarterly sessions offer professionals a safe space to get tips and the know-how to have a balanced holistic career & personal growth experience while staying true to who they are.

Building Inclusive Communities Program

BMI Building Inclusive Communities Program – A Customized Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training program that embodies an inclusive leadership model. BMI delivers creative, impactful, and effective learning modules and workshops to foster a sense of
belonging in a safe learning environment. Our methodology and our approach are built on the platform of communication, collaboration, and engagement, enabling us to provide added insight and effective solutions.

Let's Talk Mentorship Annual Conference

The “Let’s Talk Mentorship” offers professionals an excellent forum for conversations in the areas of Mentorship, Career Advancement, and Leadership. The conference focuses on Mentoring as a tool for Success while building on the Propel Black Success movement and how mentorship can lead to career advancement.

A three-part mentorship event centered around entry-level and mid-career professional empowerment. The conference provides critical support to professionals, fostering self-awareness, confidence-boosting, and communication strategies.

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