Our Programs

Our Purpose

Black professionals are underrepresented in key management positions in schools, businesses and professional settings. In the face of prejudicial stereotyping, Black professionals are often underestimated and undervalued and least likely to be promoted when compared to their peers. It is no secret the wage discrepancy, which manifests to income inequality between Black community and other communities.

Furthermore, cultural and communication barriers often make it difficult for Black professionals to seek mentorship, a key component to professional growth.

Our Belief

At Black Mentorship Inc., we believe having a safe space where Black people, whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or at entry-level or mid-career, you can benefit from a safe space to learn and receive support without fear of being judged. In creating safe spaces where professional learn, we offer Black professionals the tools to reach for the sky.

Our programs are organized in a strategic success-oriented approach where mentors are paired with mentees based on user profiles. We use a distinct mentorship approach where the mentor also serves as a coach. Our mentors deliver effective tailored mentorship service to participants.



Youths, Blackpreneurs, newcomers, entry-level, and mid-career professionals are offered a safe space to learn and receive support without fear of being judged. Our mentors use various approaches to instill and empower black professionals in order to develop the personal and professionals' skills required to take their career to the next level.

Cross-Cultural Training

BMI partners with organizations to create cultural awareness programs aimed at assisting professionals to overcome cultural challenges and sensitivities in work and in life. Professionals learn to consider and appreciate appropriate behaviors towards people outside of their race and ethnicity.

Inclusive Community

We have built an exceptional leadership community that allows professionals to thrive. We help by providing access to career tools, workshops and informations hubs such as careers tools and resources, cultural integration and smart guides to help them grow personally and professionally. The support BMI provides enables them to gain answers to careers questions and to develop the skills and knowledge required to advance in their careers.


We are actively seeking to partner with organizations throughout North America  to assist us in promoting  black success through mentorship, internship, job shadowing and placement opportunities for entry level and mid career professionals

Youth Empowerment

We amplify Black leadership, ambition and collective knowledge by engaging young people through mentoring, advocacy. and enrichment programming to help them navigate challenges of marginalization.

We are dedicated to the empowerment of Black people in Canada. We exist to elevate our participants personal and professional advancement and thus build a better, more equitable workforce. An equitable workforce contributes to the quality of life of the Black community and Canada as a whole.

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