Halton Propel Mentorship Program

Halton Propel Mentorship Program

What is the Halton Propel Mentorship Program?

The BMI Halton Propel Mentorship program is designed specifically for black individuals within the Halton Region. The program promotes equity and fosters leadership by connecting Halton's Black community members with industry experts who provide mentorship, education, and opportunities for skill-building.

Black students, youths, professionals, and new entrepreneurs will be paired with mentors who will work with them to set career-specific goals, establish self-advocacy techniques, and gain the skills and resources needed to attain professional and personal advancement.

This mentorship program is similar to the BMI Core Propel Mentorship Program. In addition, the BMI Halton Propel Mentorship program will support the increasing diversity in the Halton region. It is a fantastic opportunity for the Halton Black community to network with other professionals with similar experiences and goals.

This program is funded in part by the Halton Region.

Application Deadline:

Friday, September 30th, 2022.

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Is this program for you?

Are you a Black professional in the Halton region in your entry or mid  career level, or in a transitional stage of your education? Are you looking to empower yourself through mentorship and gain insight and clear answers to any questions you may have?

If these things apply to you be part of the BMI Halton Propel Mentorship Program. The Program is FREE and offers Black students, youths, and newcomers tools to help them PROPEL in their career pursuits.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You identify as a Black individual
  • You are a student, youth, newcomer, entry or mid career professional
  • You must live within the Halton region
  • You can commit to two hours bi-weekly mentoring sessions monthly.

What does the Halton mentorship program offer?

Program Impacts include:

... And much more!

Are you looking to impact black professionals?

Become a Mentor

We are in need of mentors to support mentees in this initiative.

If you are a professional, regardless of race, age, religion, or background, who wants to lead, enjoys teaching, desires to add value to others, and, most importantly, wants to propel black success stories, we welcome you to become a MENTOR.

Please visit our Mentoring page for more information.


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