Propel Mentorship Program

Propel Mentorship Program

What is the Propel Mentorship Program?

Designed specifically for entry-level and mid-career professionals, the BMI Propel Mentorship is a mentorship program intended to assist Black people in their entry and mid-career professional level to reach their desired career goals. Professionals will have the opportunity to work with mentors to set career-specific goals, establish self-advocacy techniques, and gain the skills and resources needed to successfully attain professional and personal advancement.

What is the goal of the propel mentorship program?

Our goal is to close the leadership gap in the black community by connecting black youths, entry-level and mid-career professionals, with mentors who can help them with information, career development resources, education, and skill-building. By providing mentorship, we create career success stories and visible role models for ALL PEOPLE, inspiring black youth and future generations.

What will participants learn?

This program teaches black professionals applicable skills they can use to propel their desired careers. The skill-building content we cover is what black professionals need to become more employable to employers.

Participants will learn To:

  • Communicate their value with their manager to excel in their career (oral and written communication skills),
  • Build professional relationships that lead to career advancement,
  • Build self-confidence and gather tools to navigate workplace challenges and excel in their career,
  • Obtain financial freedom by learning critical yet straightforward financial concepts to reach their financial goals,
  • Enhance career skills - gain new perspectives and decision-making techniques,
  • Work ethics - employability skills and professionalism, teamwork, problem-solving, planning and organizing, self-management, critical thinking, and leadership skills.

Program Outcomes:

Include but not limited to:

  • Confidence Boosting
  • Leadership Skills
  • Life and Personal Management Skills
  • Corporate Wellness Covering Emotional Intelligence
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Career Readiness
  • Building Inclusive Communities
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Cross Cultural Training

eligibility requirements

  • You identify as a Black professional who is at your Entry-level - (Typical age range: 15-25) or Mid-career - (Typical age range: 25-45)
  • You live in Canada.
  • You can commit to two hours bi-weekly sessions monthly.
  • You can commit to registering for at least one of the offered skill-building programs.
  • You are ready to learn new skills to propel your career.
  • You are prepared to expand your network.

When Does the Program Start?

The mentorship program and various skill-building programs take place:

At the start of each year in January and runs at a six-month interval. From January to June & July to December.

"I appreciated and enjoyed being a part of this mentorship program because I have gained invaluable skills. I had a great mentor who was committed to my growth as a professional and individual. My mentor gave me tools that helped me land a year-long internship. Their guidance allowed me to articulate my experiences well during the interview. Overall, my experience was great. BMI Propel Mentorship is something I would recommend to everyone because it has increased my confidence and positively impacted how I perceive my skills.”
Matilda Ankrah

“I have had an absolutely phenomenal experience to date as part of Evangeline's Black Mentorship program. This program is organized in such a professional, strategic, and success oriented way, with such compassionate, caring, thoughtful, and down-to-earth mentorship, that I truly feel positioned to accelerate towards my goals. I adored my mentor from the first conversation we had! The relationship was just what I have longed for, a safe space, outside of family, and friends to be vulnerable, bold, uncertain, wishful and yes, Afraid!”
Khalidah Aderonke Bello

“Working with two BMI mentors for personal growth and professional development has expanded my network, advanced my business, and led me to new initiatives. The support and accountability have propelled me to build a team for my business, and tone significant aspects of project management such as prioritizing, problem-solving, persuasion, and foresight. The experiential learning was "hands-down"! My experience demonstrates how BMI will continue to make a profound impact on Black professionals and entrepreneurs.”
Michelle AM Buckland

“BMI have served as a great mentor and a place to receive meaningful feedback as I navigate some of the challenges in my current role. Given the scope of BMI’s work, there is tremendous opportunity to engage with the community on a personal level to gain a deep understanding of the communities need but also understand where we as a Police Service may be falling short.”
Sergeant Ryan Smith Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Halton Regional Police Service

Other Ways We Support Black Professionals


Cross-Cultural Training

Inclusive Community


Youth Empowerment

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