In response, BMI is launching curated training modules to address your needs and provide you with tools to combat workplace racism so you can continue to propel. The BMI Corporate Wellness (6 Modules) and BMI Financial Empowerment (5 Modules) is open to all Mentors and Mentees. The modules are designed to equip you with tools to safeguard yourself against workplace systemic racism and empower you with financial insights that will elevate you. Each training program will run monthly starting this month March 2022. You can select one or both classes using the registration link below.

BMI Corporate Wellness course (6 Modules)

COVID-19 and the resulting lockdowns, economic uncertainty and social isolation have had a profound adverse impact on mental health for a large part of the population, especially for those in minority communities. Mental health is the hidden epidemic that may affect us long after the pandemic as a health crisis has been consigned to history.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to create strategies and goals that will build our mental resilience, sense of self-worth, ability to forge strong relationships in the new normal, manage stress, so we don’t become overwhelmed to thrive.

This course is for you if any of the following resonate with you:

  • You are a black professional
  • You are committed to your personal development
  • You could benefit from a helping hand in navigating your emotions
  • You could use help to get your mental health on an even keel
  • You wish to join a supportive and friendly learning community
  • You would like insights into how to deal effectively with workplace issues

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BMI Financial Empowerment (5 Modules)

The economy faced unprecedented impacts during the pandemic, leading to rapid economic downturns. These economic impacts affected minority communities at much higher rates and highlighted the need for financial literacy. Financial literacy is not something that those in the black community have access to. This lack of access to financial resources is why many people find themselves struggling with investing or saving money.

This is why Black Mentorship Inc (BMI) introduced our first financial empowerment training module. You will understand critical yet straightforward financial concepts and laws that will help you reach your financial goals, stay out of debt, and accumulate assets that can help you obtain financial freedom.

This course will teach you the key financial concepts and laws important in building and maintaining a sound financial game plan.

Four major topics that will be covered include:

  • Investments,
  • Emergency Funds,
  • Debt Management,
  • Protection,

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Action For Equity

Through “Action For Equity,” we commit to improving the advancement opportunities of Black professionals and other racialized groups in Canada through mentorship, empowerment, and skill-building programs. Learn how you can be part of a more action-oriented movement towards achieving equity for all.

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