Burnout can happen even when you are doing something you love!

Burnout can happen even when you are doing something you love!

Burnout can happen even when you are doing something you love!


A common misconception is that you cannot burn out if you do something you love. I have repeatedly seen posts suggesting that you don’t get burned out once you follow your passion.


Chances are that when you work long hours, sometimes more than twelve hours straight, seven days a week, you will be burned out. When that happens, you will not have the energy to give to the things you love no matter how passionate you may be. This is not a good thing!


I ask you today to take good care of yourself and your health. 


Recognize when your body, mind, and soul tell you to slow down.

Becoming more aware of your capability will clue you when you need to slow down and take a break.


You must take a break and nurture yourself to give fully to your work. Recognize when your body is telling you to slow down and obey.


Take small but consistent breaks: Take deep breaths when you feel tension and anxiety rapidly rising.


Check your work routine:  When you notice tension and anxiety start to build up. Stress and anxiety can still happen even when working on projects that you are passionate about!


Resolve and Avoid Burnout: Resolving or avoiding burnout requires changes to your work routine. I know heavy workloads and deadline pressures are a fact of work-life, especially for the entrepreneurial life. Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed or stretched thin sometimes, even when doing what you love?


Please prioritize your health: Be aware of your limit, and do not over-push your body. Mindfulness practices can help you to deal with immediate stressors and long-term difficulties.


Heighten your capability awareness: Heightening your awareness of your capability may be difficult at first, but remember that attention to your body, mind, and soul is the ultimate act of self-care. Keep practicing. You may feel guilty at first. But remember, no one can give what they don’t have.

It’s important to ward off burnout on your team as well:

Ø  Insist on time for rest and renewal.

Ø  Set realistic work limits.

Ø  Boost your team’s sense of control.

Ø  Provide meaningful recognition for everyone.

Ø  Ask people, your volunteers included, what help or training they need to succeed.


The goal is not to do it all and die in the process.


The goal should be to serve “in love.”


It is to give love through your work and services.


That must include loving and taking care of yourself.


Be your ultimate champion.


Take care of yourself.


Have a fantastic week, friends!




Evangeline Chima


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