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Why Diversity in the Workplace is Important

Why Diversity in the Workplace is Important When we think about a diverse workplace, what exactly do we mean? For starters, diverse workplaces should include diversity from a variety of categories; Religion, culture, sexual orientation, educational backgrounds, and so much more. These differences all contribute to making a robust and diverse workplace. So why is

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How to prepare for your first interview

Landing your first interview after finishing college is an exciting time for any young professional. That’s why it’s important to go in prepared and confident so that you land that dream job. What to expect? Going into the interview, the employer already knows a bit about you from your cover letter and resume. They will

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Be Resilient

How does a person become resilient? Hear Ogechi Jennifer Anyanwu as she shares her journey of resilience at one of our youth empowerment events. We hope her story inspires you. Leave your comments and thoughts below.

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Policing Through Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Policing through diversity, equity, & inclusion There is a huge apprehension that is common between the experiences of the racialized communities and those that are not when it comes to community policing… more

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The Many Hats of the Immigrant

As an immigrant, you come to the western world wearing many hats. It is like the different hats (roles) you wear at work but with a twist. By the time you arrive in your new country, you already conditioned your mind that you must do all that is in your power to survive…read more

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