Mentoring Through Social Media

Mentoring Through Social Media

One of the things I love to do is mentoring, and I love to see the transformation of those I mentor go from being nurtured to becoming empowered and mentors themselves.

I believe in the power of mentoring. I see mentoring as a tool to better oneself and those around you.

Mentors come in all forms, ages and all places.

When I was much younger, my mentors were TV personalities Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Denzel Washington, and others I look up to till this day. Yes, this was before the social media era and I learnt a lot from  them. I am super grateful.

With social media, Linkedin specifically, I have broadened my mentor circle to include all people. People like Sara Blakely, Natasha Bowman, JD, SPHR,  Feras Asakrieh, Vernā Myers and the list goes on.

When I wake up every morning, the first place I check after prayers is LinkedIn.

I come to LinkedIn to seek my mentors, learn from their content, and mentor others.

Thanks to LinkedIn, I now have lots of mentors. Mentors from different professional backgrounds with different experiences residing in other parts of the world.

Each day, based on my goals, I select the mentor and content that aligns with what I want to learn that day.

I call my social media mentors my “Virtual Mentors.” Some of them know that I am their mentee; others don’t know.

Having a “Virtual Mentor” is easy. You have access to mentors any time you choose.

One of the many things I love about mentoring is the ability to learn from everyone, including the younger generation – Some of my younger mentors include Emmanuel Nduka and recently Chidiebere Ibe and many others.

You see the power of mentoring cuts across all races, ages, gender, sexual orientations, religions, education.

All you need is an open mind to learn.
While nothing replaces the human touch of mentoring and structural mentorship like what Black Mentorship Inc offers, ofcourse I strongly advocate for striving to have mentors you can talk to and hear directly from, but while waiting to have that personal connection to a mentor, I encourage you to use what is free at your disposal.

We cannot postpone learning, elevating ourselves and others and striving to reach our potential.

Get serious about propelling your future. The power to learn is at your fingertips. Don’t delay, get onboard, find virtual mentors and start learning today!

Have a fantastic week.

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